Speed Skating

Passion for Speed

How I got started in Speed Skating

I discovered my passion for the ice when I was five years old. Our neighbor would take us skating at the Cumberland arena after school. She saw how driven and fast I was for a five year old and told my parents about speed skating. We had never heard of speed skating before in our area so we decided to try it out when I turned six.

Speed skating combined two things I loved, ice skating and going fast, or what I thought was fast at the time. I spent the next three years speed skating. I moved up quickly in the categories and was doing well but started to have some frustration, and as a result, I decided not to enroll in the program the following season. Instead, I spent the next winter learning how to alpine ski race with my older brother.

During the ski season I realized that something, a feeling, was missing. The next season I decided to get back into speed skating.

In the winter of 2004 and 2005 I was eleven years old and I told myself that if I was coming back I wanted to be the best. Instead of being disappointed when I would lose in races, I found motivation to work harder. If somebody else could do something, then there was no reason that I could not do it too, if I worked hard and tried my best.

Some people said I was stubborn and others told me that my goals were too big. All I could think to tell them was that there was no point in doing something if you do not plan on giving it your best effort.

Even today I tell myself I want to be the best. The only difference is that now I know it doesn’t come overnight and that there is still alot of work to be done. My first proudest achievements were qualifying for the Canada Winter Games and winning a Silver Medal.

Speed Skating Athlete Profile

Vincent De Haître won his first medal at the ISU World Single Distances Championships in 2017, taking silver in the 1000m. He followed it a day later with a near-podium in the 1500m, ending up in fourth place. At the ISU World Sprint Championships at the end of February, he broke the Canadian record in the 1000m.

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